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Carpet Cleaning Cedar City UT

There are many carpet cleaners to choose from in Cedar City, but when you choose Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning you will find the satisfaction that you are looking for. We are knows for excellent, fast, and professional service. When looking for commercial cleaning or home cleaning choose Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning Cedar City UT. Don't take our word for it! Here is what our customers have to say about us!

Always does a good job!

~Boyd - Cedar City UT

Justin intelligent, knowledgeable, leadership, make a great exec. for your company!

~Joseph - Cedar city UT

Justin is an asset the company.

~Diane - Cedar city UT

A friend told me about Heaven's Best.

~D - Cedar City UT

Everything was excellent!

~Owen - Cedar City UT

These two are fantastic!

~T & L - Cedar City UT

We love you guys!

~Curtis - Cedar City UT

Have been a customer before, every thing is excellent!

~Carole - Cedar City UT

Very happy with your service!

~Karen - Cedar City UT

Excellent Service!

~Marie - Cedar City UT

Thank you!

Melanie - Cedar City UT

Guys were great, very very happy

~ C. - Cedar City UT

I have used you in the past, always with good results.

~Terri - Cedar City UT

I am definitively satisfied with the work and I will call again.

~J. Cedar City UT

Excellent and we will call again.

~Harvey and Bobbi - Cedar City UT

Always "Heaven's Best"

~John and Peg - Cedar City UT

I wouldn't use any other cleaner!

~Kathryn - Cedar City UT

We have them do the carpet each year (for the past three years). They always do an excellent job and are personable and professional.

~ Elmo - Cedar City, UT

Always Great!

~ Ken - Cedar City, UT

It was excellent service and Justin was extremely professional and prompt.

~ Leilani - Cedar City, UT

Spots gone! Looks like new!

~ Pam - Cedar City, UT

Great Job!!!

~ Doris - Cedar City, UT

I have used Heavens Best before and have always been pleased with their work. I will use them again and recommend them to friends and family.

~ M.- Cedar City, UT

Justin was the best!

~ Henry and Karen - Cedar City, UT

The owner of this local company is an outstanding individual. We will only use him. We lined up two additional customers today.

~ Ted - Cedar City, UT

Justin was very efficient and careful, which was appreciated.

~ Ann - Cedar City, UT

Used Heaven's Best before, will call again.

~ Larry and Judy - Cedar City, UT

Justin did a great job, was very professional and friendly. Good employee.

~ Mary Ellen - Cedar City, UT

Justin did a great job getting the stains out from the carpet in a home I just bought. I was about to buy new carpet. Thank you for the professional service Justin.

~ Brian - Cedar City, UT

Justin is amazing. He is kind, polite, and excellent at what he does. He took the time to explain some of the steps of the Heaven's Best cleaning process. Heaven's Best is lucky to have an employee like him. Great Job!
~ Andrew and Melanie - Cedar City, UT

Quick and efficient, excellent job!

~ Nicole - Cedar City, UT

He did a really great job, we're happy with the way the carpets look. Very thorough.

~ Elise - Cedar City, UT

We appreciate the great service, Thank you!

~ Robert - Cedar City, UT

You guys do a real good job! That's why I keep having you back!!

~Thomas - Cedar City, UT

Thank you so much!!

~ Charity - Cedar City, UT

A couple years ago, we purchased a really nice "Chair and a Half" that had endured all that comes with having two young boys in the house. This piece of furniture is likely our favorite piece in the entire house and we were really sad that we would have to replace it so that we had something "nicer" to take its place in the home. We had heard good things about Heaven's Best, so we called Jason, who came out and cleaned it. In sum, we couldn't believe it was the same chair - it looked BRAND NEW!! We know heaven's Best is known for delivering outstanding results when it comes to cleaning carpets, but we couldn't be more pleased with the results that were delivered in the Upholstery Cleaning side of the business. Jason restored our beloved "Chair and a Half" to original condition, and because we didn't have to go buy a new piece of furniture for the show, we really felt like he put $1000 into our pockets. Hence, we give him our highest recommendation.

~ Matt and Keri - Cedar City, UT

We are a pediatric dental office so we get many stains on our carpet. We've been open for 4 years and have our carpets cleaned every 3-4 months. We've used several different carpet cleaners trying to find someone who can really make the office look clean. Recently we used Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning. They cleaned our office carpet & chairs, and the office has never looked better. Jason and Dane were very meticulous and worked hard to get out all of the stains. They took their time and even taught me how to clean the filter in the office vacuum so we could maintain the carpets better. They left us a spot remover to keep up on spills. They were very professional and without hesitation I would recommend Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning to everyone.

~ Darla - Cedar City, UT

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning located in Cedar City, UT. As a current customer, Heaven's Best has been servicing my carpets for approximately 3 years. I have had the opportunity to use many different companies throughout the years but it wasn't until Heaven's Best came in that there was a noticeable difference in the look of the my carpet. Heaven's Best takes a great amount of time making sure every inch is cleaned to the best of their ability. Usually I am ready to have my carpets cleaned a month after the carpet cleaning companies leave, they don't last that long, but ever since I used Heaven's Best my carpets stay looking great for longer periods of time. I recommend Heaven's Best for all your floor cleaning needs.

~ Derrick - Cedar City, UT

Jason's the "Best Heaven" could send. My wife was planning a party at our home for the upcoming weekend. The day before the party, our 5 kids...well, you know, they were kids and made a mess of the carpets. Sure I could have tried to clean it myself, but I gave Jason a call and he squeezed me in the next morning. Good thing I gave him a call too, because he was able to clean the carpet cleaner than I had seen in years (and we clean our carpets regularly) and my wife was ecstatic. I know who to call next time and you should give him a call as well. Thanks Jason!!

~ Cedar City, UT

They were wonderful - Great Job!

~ JoAnn T - Cedar City, UT


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